Certified Chimney Professionals Announces that Art Kalina of Chimney Monkey has earned the Certified Chimney Professional Designation.

Certified Chimney Professionals, a national Chimney Sweeping Certification Board announces today that Art Kalina, of Chimney Monkey has achieved the Certified Chimney Professional (CCP) designation.

The CCP course consists of a comprehensive chimney sweeping manual and independent testing.  CCP candidates receive training in the following subjects: Chimney inspections and inspection standards; science of fuels and combustion; heating and venting systems, cleaning of fireplaces, wood stoves, heaters, inserts, pellet stoves, and masonry stoves.  Also included is cleaning of chimneys for oil/gas boilers and furnace systems as well as problems with the performance of chimneys and vents.

This in-depth program also includes the candidates study and knowledge of the NFPA 211; The National Fire Protection Association Standard for Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents, and Solid Fuel-Burning Appliances – 2013 Edition.

All candidates for the CCP designation also agree to abide by a professional code of ethics.

“Our certifications are intended to fortify the experienced chimney professional’s knowledge, and to allow the experienced chimney professional the chance to prove by independent testing that they have attained a professional level of knowledge of the codes, standards, and practices of a Certified Chimney Professional or a Certified Chimney Reliner and to achieve the designation” states Marshall Peters, Director of Certified Chimney Professionals.

Additionally, Mr. Peters asks the following questions:  “When it comes to fire, would you leave your home in the hands of just any guy with a ladder and a brush?  Why not instead, trust your chimney to a Certified Chimney Professional who has proven by independent testing that they have demonstrated a professional level knowledge of chimneys and vents.”

“We are pleased to announce that Art Kalina has achieved this CCP designation.”  states Mr. Peters further.

About Certified Chimney Professionals Certifications

CCP offers training materials, testing and certifications for both the Certified Chimney Professional and the Certified Chimney Reliner designation.



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