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Greetings, citizens of the <strong>Village of Riverwoods!</strong> There’s nothing quite like getting together in front of a cozy <strong>fireplace</strong> as winter draws near. We at <strong>Chimney Monkey</strong> are dedicated to making sure your fireplace serves as a secure haven during the cold winter nights in addition to being a source of warmth.

Your comfort and safety are our top priorities. So that you can enjoy the forthcoming season to the fullest, let us handle your <strong>chimney</strong> needs. Don’t let a neglected <strong>chimney</strong> keep you from experiencing the magic of a crackling fire. Get a FREE chimney sweep quote by completing the form below, calling us at 847-994-4388, or sending us an email. Together, we can ensure that your winter in the Village of Riverwoods is cozy, secure, and enjoyable.

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    Feel free to reach out to our office from Monday to Friday, 8am to 9pm, at 847-994-4388. Riverwoods is a village in Lake County, Illinois. Situated halfway between Buffalo Grove and Deerfield.

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