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Gutter Cleaning Service by Chimney Monkey


Ordinarily, you’re told to keep your mind out of the gutter. But for homeowners, we actually offer the opposite advice; home gutter maintenance is simply too important to avoid thinking about for too long. If not cleaned regularly, your gutters can become clogged—a homeowner’s worst nightmare. If that sounds like an exaggeration, wait until you see the bill for the water damage caused by your clogged gutter (or you could just take our word for it).



Gutter Cleaning

When your gutters become clogged (usually with leaves, but leave it to Mother Nature to surprise you), they no longer drain properly, which causes water run-off that can flood your basement or leak into your home, ruining paint, furniture, or home appliances. Truth be told, water in the wrong places can destroy almost anything. In some cases, water run-off from clogged gutters can even cause electrical issues.

Of course, pro-active homeowners can avoid issues like this simply by cleaning their gutters regularly. But who want to do that? Clogged gutters will also fill with mildew, black streaks, and a coating of dirt. Absolutely disgusting muck. But after Chimney Monkey has completed our full gutter cleaning service, your gutters will look as fresh and lovely as the day you met—er, bought them!

Our dirt-hating specialists at Chimney Monkey will remove all debris in your gutters and downspouts, unclog downspouts, flush them with water if necessary, and haul all the nasty stuff miles away. They are truly masters of this ancient art. We will keep you informed of the process every step of the way, but otherwise you will never know they were even there. Paradox? Maybe. Or it could just be good service.

Gutter Cleaning

Working with Chimney Monkey makes the scheduling and cleaning of your home gutters easier than ever. Not sure what your needs are for your home and your gutters? Let us give you a quote.

The professionals at Chimney Monkey pride themselves in providing the best gutter cleaning service in Chicago. Call 847-994-4388 to get your free gutter cleaning price quote today!




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