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No monkey business here! Just prompt, reliable, and friendly chimney cleaning!

Chimney Monkey is Chicagoland’s favorite chimney cleaning service! Why? Because we care about our customers. A clean chimney is more than just a clean chimney—it also means a safe, warm, cozy home. At Chimney Monkey, we provide not only expert chimney cleaning and repair services, but also the peace of mind that comes with a job well done.

Our chimney experts go above and beyond to inspect your flue, vents, and chimney masonry to ensure that everything is in working order. And unlike the larger companies, we tailor our services to your needs rather than trying to sell you on all-inclusive packages. Our loyal customers trust us to take care of their homes because care is our first priority.

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Chimney Monkey Mission

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Roofs Climbed
Chimneys Rebuilt
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Chimney Services We Offer

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