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    If you are a Bellwood resident, you know that winters are long and nothing says coming home like an evening around the fire. Whether you gather around the fireplace alone or with your family, you are creating memories that will last forever.  If you are looking for a chimney cleaning service, look no further than Chimney Monkey. You won’t be disappointed. We look forward to working with you soon!  Chimney Monkey charges $190 to $280 for a chimney sweep.

    The Village of Bellwood is located in Cook County, Illinois and is located 13 miles west of Chicago’s downtown. The population is over 19,000. Andre F. Harvey is the current mayor there, and is the first African American mayor of Bellwood. A couple famous astronauts were from Bellwood including, Lee Joseph “Bru” Archambault and Eugene Cernan, who was the commander of the Apollo 17 mission.

    If your children are dreaming of becoming astronauts, check out Bellwood School District 88, which is made up of seven elementary schools. Once students reach high school age, they will attend the Proviso Township High Schools District 209 which services Proviso East High School, Proviso West High School and Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy. Of course there is no guarantee that children attending these schools will become famous astronauts, but it’s nice to dream.

    The Bellwood Public Library is a great place for both young students and adults continuing their education to relax and study. The library offers e-books and audiobooks, digital magazines, it also has thousands of real books, magazines and newspapers stocking it’s shelves. If you want to get your blood flowing after studying, check out the Zumba class offered right at the library.

    On your way home from a relaxing (or heart pumping?) day at the library, stop by the famous Mickey’s Drive in for a Chicago-style hotdog, with all the fixings. Established in the 1950’s, when eating by the road or on the hood of your car was cool and a part of American Culture. Today it’s still a Bellwood staple and a favorite for all who want great food and the homey feel of a friendly Mom and Pop restaurant. There are no chairs, no tables, just the best hot dogs, Italian beef, Italian sausage, and meatball sandwich around.

    Belwood zip codes serviced: 60104

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