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Winter is coming to Niles IL! Be prepared and safe this burning season by having your chimney cleaned and inspected! Call 847 994 4388 or email today!

    The Village of Niles was originally called “Dutchman’s Point” as it was first settled by German settlers starting all the way back in 1827. Today it has a population of just about 30,000 and is one of Chicago’s most popular suburbs. People chose Niles as their neighborhood for many reasons. It is unique, culturally diverse, safe and just an overall great place to live for many people. Niles has a lot to offer like great school districts, delicious restaurants, unique grocery stores, the Niles-Maine District Library, the famous King Spa, a bustling business center and so much more.

    The Leaning Tower of Niles is one of the most popular attractions in Niles and in the Chicago area as a whole. It is a replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa which is located in Italy. Even though it is half in size of the original one, it is still 94 feet tall and 28 feel wide, making it quite large. You can imagine how out of the ordinary it is to see such a sight while driving down Touhy Ave.

    Super H Mart, located in the Civic Center Plaza, is a unique Asian grocery store which attracts many customers from Niles and neighboring communities. It is a unique shopping experience you will not forget any time soon. From a huge variety of produce, to fresh sea food including crabs, lobsters and many different kinds of fish, to the hundreds of varieties of dried sea weed and other Asian snacks, it also has a delicious food court. The food court has many types of cuisine from Korean, to Japanese, to Chinese. H Mart also has specialty stores along the perimeter like beauty stores, beauty salons, an accessories store, a health and wellness store, a furniture store (selling marble beds), and so on. This is a place you definitely want to put on your bucket list!

    King Spa is also located in Civil Center Plaza, and is another huge attraction for the Village of Niles. It offers many spa services such as facial and body massages, body scrubs, and body and foot acupressure. It is highly rated by it’s loyal customers and often offers Groupon deals, making it financially accessible for most people.

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