Since day one, we at Chimney Monkey have dedicated ourselves to the safety and health of our clients, their families, and our community. And while the chimney sweeping business is no stranger to occupational hazards both physical and chemical, we would never do anything to endanger our customers.

With the rise of confirmed cases of the novel Coronavirus in the Cook County area, everyone needs to take precautions to stay healthy and safe during this season. For our Chimney Experts, that means:

-Wearing gloves and masks on-site at all times

-Daily temperature reports and a scheduled checkup to continue working (no team member with a lingering cough or fever will be making house calls!)

-Disinfecting door knobs and any surfaces in your home that they use

As a company that provides health insurance, we are encouraging our staff to use it whenever they need to this season!

For our customers and community members, we only ask that you temporarily suspend the time-honored tradition of shaking your chimney sweeps hand for good luck–elbow bumps are what the cool kids are doing these days!

We intend to stay open for business and keep your chimneys looking as beautiful as they were day they were born, but we will monitor the situation closely and follow any guidelines provided by the CDC.

Peace and Love,

Art K.
Chimney Tech

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