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Fireplace Cleaning

As far as home amenities go, the hearth or fireplace is one of the great domestic pleasures. But with all pleasure comes pain—in this case, the grueling task of cleaning the darned thing!

The sheer volume of soot, dirt, and other residues that can accumulate in a fireplace over the course of a season of use makes this task not only incredibly difficult, but incredibly important as well. A clean fireplace burns, well, cleanly—and efficiently. It is also much easier on the eyes, which is pretty important for something you look at while using it.

To maintain a clean and well-functioning home fireplace throughout the year, follow Chimney Monkey’s rules of thumb:


  1. Do not burn “green” or unseasoned wood – only burn seasoned firewood.
  2. Only use cleansers to clean your fireplace that are made specifically for that purpose
  3. NEVER pour water on the fire unless it is an emergency

Ultimately, even the driest and most well-seasoned woods will produce some soot and creosote (the flammable substance which can accrete in your chimney and fireplace opening). This means some cleaning is inevitable. And when that day comes, be sure to give Chimney Monkey a call! We’ll sweep your chimney, fireplace, and even take out the trash on our way out! Most importantly, our home fireplace experts know just how to make your fireplace the cleanest and coziest it’s ever been!

To contact us for home fireplace cleaning or a free quote/consultation, call 847-994-4388

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Fireplace Cleaning
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Yearly maintenance of a home fireplace helps increase fireplace efficiency



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